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The university press - a system on life support
A university press is most often a loss making entity serving an established research university. In addition to producing textbooks for students, its rationale has long been to serve the needs of scholars by publishing peer-reviewed research, advancing the university’s academic mission, and... 阅读更多
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Knowing whom to ask
In today’s digital world, there are numerable platforms on which people can pose questions and add to their knowledge. In August 2016, EconTalk - one of the leading economics podcasts - host Russ Roberts interviewed Adam D'Angelo (CEO of Quora) on the challenges of getting the right questions to... 阅读更多
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Economics has a last name bias
Scientific research is increasingly collaborative and contributions made by each author must be suitably acknowledged by co-authors. Often, there is much prestige (and career benefits) associated with being the first author of a published paper. Hence, the decision-making  process in a contribution... 阅读更多
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Can economic research effectively influence policy?
Economists rarely agree with each other and sometimes contradict themselves. Understandably frustrated by the lack of conviction afflicting his economic advisers, President Truman famously asked for a one-handed economist who wouldn't be able to use the profession's much-favored caveat - 'On the... 阅读更多
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et tu economicus?
Yes, we economists can have double standards too. We often rail against non-productive rent-seekers, barriers to entry in markets, and the paucity of intellectual honesty in public debates on emotive issues such as the minimum wage. However, we're just as guilty as a Venezuelan socialist when it... 阅读更多