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科研发表 Q&A:如何撰写期刊投稿 cover letter?

Editage Insights | 2017年3月29日 | 4,704 浏览次数

我正准备投稿一篇医学 case report,但不知道要怎么写 cover letter,它跟 title page 有什么不同。我在 title page 上放了文章题目还有作者信息,但我不知道 cover letter 里面需要有哪些东西。

论文或其他文章的 title page,或称封页,上面会有文章题目和作者等信息,而 cover letter 是向期刊编辑介绍投稿文章的信或邮件。

大部分的期刊都会要求投稿的论文附上 cover letter,一般称投稿信。一篇好的投稿信应该要简介研究发现,还有用一小段落说明为什么你觉得这个研究适合期刊以及期刊的目标读者。

下面是 cover letter 模版,供您参考:

Dear Dr./Ms./Mr. [编辑姓名],

I would like to request you to consider the attached manuscript entitled [论文题目] for publication in [期刊名称] as an [文章类型].

While many studies have investigated the [简短叙述该主题下的既有知识], I have not come across a paper that deals with [你的研究所属领域/主题]. We conducted [简短叙述研究方法] and came up with [概述研究结果]. I feel that [你的研究何以重要,未来的发展方向为何].

­­­­­I believe that the findings of this study are relevant to the scope of your journal and will be of interest to its readership. I have provided tables summarizing the findings. [如果有才需要这句:If required, the entire data can be made available as supplementary information.] Do let me know if you wish to have a look at them.

This manuscript has not been published or presented elsewhere in part or in entirety, and is not under consideration by another journal. There are no conflicts of interest to declare. [注:如果有任何利益冲突,要写在这里].

 I look forward to hearing from you.








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