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Sucralose and cancer not linked, a study says

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Sucralose and cancer not linked, a study says

Sucralose is the choice of no-calorie sweetener for those who wish to keep their weight in check. However, many people have raised questions about how safe it is to consume sucralose and whether it is carcinogenic. To understand the impact of sucralose on the human body, researchers at the University of London reviewed existing studies that assessed sucralose carcinogenicity potential. The researchers found that the findings of most of these studies were based on sucralose dosages that were hundreds to thousands of times greater than the reasonable level of consumption. For instance, for an average adult weighing 75 kg, some studies calculated the effect of sucralose consumption in quantities equivalent in sweetness to 74 to 495 pounds of sugar per day. However, the Joint Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives recommend the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) for sucralose as 0 to 15 mg/kg body weight/day. In the ADI recommended levels or even at levels slightly greater than that, the researchers did not find a link between sucralose and cancer. This study was funded by McNeil Nutritionals (creator of Splenda, since sold to Heartland Food Products).   

Read more in Science Daily.          


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