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在投稿之前,我已经用查重软件 Plagscan 检查过,当时报告显示重复内容太高,所以我已经全部修改过了。但期刊编辑说我的论文在 iThenticate 显示有 23% 的重复率,这是因为软件不同的关系吗?期刊没有把报告发给我,我能对期刊提出质疑吗? 下面是编辑的邮件: Dear Author, Thank you for sending your above paper for possible publication. Although it was felt that your research was quite interesting, we are publishing only the most highly rated papers for publication in order to maintain our high rankings and impact factor. Those papers that aren't accepted typically could improve in a number of areas such as a more thorough discussion of the design, development, testing and evaluation results; clarifying the key significance of the research contribution; novelty of the subject and its impact; making sure the references are the most recent in your paper's research field of relevance; ascertaining that the research fits the aims and scope of the journal etc. We appreciate your interest in the journal. Moreover, based on iThenticate (plagiarism software) report, your paper has been found very similar with already published material (>%23 similar). Similarity with the following reference is especially high: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture hybrid approach for multi-weapon production planning with large-dimensional multi-objective in defense manufacturing


我也觉得你不要根据 Plagscan 的报告来质疑期刊的决定。我是这么想的:





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